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Moraga, California

About Moraga:

Moraga is an affluent suburban town located in Contra Costa County, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Named in honor of Joaquin Moraga whose grandfather was Jos Joaquin Moraga, second in command to Juan Bautista de Anza. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total permanent population... (More Info and Source) Moraga Real Estate

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Moraga Area News

Ebola patient won't cause U.S. outbreak, doctors say

Following confirmation of the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S., Texas health officials held a separate press conference Tuesday to reassure the public Ebola will not become widespread in the states.  

Much of what was said in the second press conference has already been said before:

DR. EDWARD GOODMAN VIA KDFW: “It is not an airborne disease.”

“We’re not talking about a chronic illness, like HIV. … We’re talking about an illness with a well-defined incubation period and well-defined symptoms.”

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But we also learned that the patient first went to the hospital Friday with non-specific symptoms and was given antibiotics. He was then brought back to the hospital by paramedics Sunday after symptoms worsened.

Health officials said they were ready for something like this and have already begun the process of tracking down people who might have come into contact with the patient — which CDC Director Tom Frieden said was one of the next steps in stopping the virus in its tracks.

Dallas Fire-Rescue told a KXAS reporter the paramedics crew that came into contact with the patient over the weekend will be monitored for 21 days, the virus' incubation period.

Texas health officials also said the patient is not being treated with the experimental drug ZMapp, which was given to earlier U.S. patients. Supplies of the drug were exhausted in August. (Video via Euronews)

WFAA: "The treatment is really the normal things that you would do with infectious diseases, like influenza: you'll give them fluids, you'll maintain their blood pressure. If they need blood products, you'll get that." 

Frieden told reporters during his press conference there's little chance anyone on the flight with the patient, who was traveling from Liberia to the U.S., is at risk of being infected. He said Ebola is only contagious once someone begins showing symptoms and can only be spread through bodily fluids.

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 00:40:15 -0700

Man going on coffee dates with 1,000-plus Facebook friends

Let's be honest. How many of your Facebook friends do you actually know? 

Well, Matthew Kulesza, a student from Melbourne, Australia, is planning to meet up and have coffee with all his "friends" on Facebook. 

Which is a lot of coffee because the 28-year-old has more than 1,000 "friends."

Kulesza knows he doesn't actually have 1,000-plus friends in real life. As he puts it on Tumblr, this is "an exercise in remembering to socialize with and get to know people outside of the 'book.'"

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The average person can actually only keep about 150 meaningful relationships — a limit also known as Dunbar's Number.

So, although it might seem like social outlets expand our social circle, liking or commenting on pictures or statuses don't necessarily make a meaningful relationship. 

Kulesza also made a separate Facebook page dedicated to his coffee-date updates. He uses the page to tell viewers when he became friends with the person on Facebook and how many mutual friends they have.

And he's already taken advantage of the networking opportunities this project brings, as he was recently offered a job by one of his "friends." He told News Limited:

"I've known [my new boss] for quite a few years, and she was one of my early 'coffees.' She was looking for someone to do some part-time work and said, 'Why don’t you work for me?'"

He estimates his project will take about three years to complete.

This video includes the song 'Divider' by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY 3.0).

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 23:06:42 -0700

'Gold-chain snatcher' targets woman of Asian Indian decent

Police are warning residents in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale about a serial robber who's snatching gold jewelry right off people's necks. Police said they've logged 35 robberies since May. In all the cases, the victims appear to be of Indian descent.

Alka Sharma said she can't help but walk with more caution in her step and she's wearing less gold around her neck after hearing about a robber targeting women just like her.

"We are scared, we are conscious,” said Sharma. “We are not keeping jewelry in the houses too.”

Police said in the past five months, they've investigated 21 "chain snatching" robberies in Sunnyvale and another 14 in Santa Clara where a suspect, at times armed, approaches a victim typically of Asian Indian descent.

“Its folks walking down the street and the suspects are probably driving looking for these victims,” said Lt. Kurt Clake of Santa Clara Police. “When they see an opportune moment they take it.”

Police said it’s happening at random times and in several locations throughout the two cities. This month in Santa Clara, the robberies have happened near Bing and Homestead, El Camino Real and Lawrence Expressway and Monroe and Los Padres.

“It’s a very personal crime,” said Lt. Clarke. “I've spoken to folks involved in robberies and they are terrified and mortified."

Police said they have no idea why this ethnicity is being targeted. While no one has been injured, those in the Asian Indian community said its easy money.

"Gold prices are so high,” sad Sharma. “Indian women like to wear gold heavy chains.”

“They are targeting them because it's easy to snatch something and run away,” said Ankur Agarwal who lives in Milpitas.

Agarwal hadn't heard about the crime wave until he saw an advisory at an Indian restaurant. He realizes even though it's happening to Asian Indians, he knows it could happen to any culture.

"It could be Indians, Filipinos, Caucasians, African Americans,” said Agarwal. “It could happen to anybody.”

Police say the suspect is described as an African American man in his 20's roughly 6’ tall.  He may be working with a group of men with similar descriptions.

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 22:54:30 -0700

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